The Manager,
117-A, Janki Kunj, Opp. Hotel Jagsons,Central Avenue, NAGPUR Opp. Hotel Jagsons,Central Avenue
NAGPUR 440018

Re: Release of Foreign Exchange under Basic Travel Quota for private visit abroad

Dear Sir,
  • I      propose to undertake a visit abroad. I desire to buy foreign exchange. The particulars required by you are as follows.
  • Name
  • Address                                   :
  • Nationality
  • Countries To Be Visited
  • Number, Date and Place Of     :   
    Issue of Passport
  • CASH
  • Amount of Foreign Exchange  :       
  • The Amount of Foreign            :   
    Exchange Already Utilised
    During The Current Year

I hereby declare that the exchange applied for together with the exchange already availed of under the Basic Travel Quota during the current calender year does not exceed U.S. $10000 or its equivalent. I enclose my passport togther with the ticket duly confirmed for journey on and Return date. This letter is forwarded to you in duplicate to enable you to complete the formalities.